Avoid these Fashion mistakes while choosing embroidered Kurtis online

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Fashionistas usually do not like to wear an old-fashioned dress. That’s because they think that it’ll not compliment their look. But sometimes you can be wrong. Wearing an old-fashioned Kurti cannot be considered as a fashion mistake. What can be more disappointing than buying a cheap Kurti online, getting it custom-designed, and then teaming it up with the wrong bottoms?


Can you believe that girls sometimes make fashion disasters by choosing a wrong party wear dress or workwear KurtisYes! It happens. Believe it or not, occasionally even expensive party wears can make you look terrible. That’s why you should always rely on a brand like Sinina that offers you cheap and best Kurti online at an affordable price.


Let us make it clear right in the beginning that we have no intention of body shaming. Indian embroidery Kurtis is always in fashion. But you have to pick the right one according to your body shape. If you are a fan of embroidered Kurtis, we are here to help you team them up with the right pair of bottoms.


So, without further delay, let us find out the most pathetic fashion mistakes that women tend to make while wearing embroidered Kurtis:


  1. Buying too short ones- While buying the cheap and best Kurti onlinedon’t be so engrossed by the embroidery that you completely forget about its length. In short, if a Kurti does not look good, you also face difficulty finding the right pair of bottoms for them. If you already have some short Kurtis in your wardrobe, wear them with your regular pair of jeans and not with skin-fit leggings.
  2. Excessive embroidery- Too much of anything spoils the fun. We all know at least one proud aunty who loves heavy makeup and heavy embroidery. Yes, the embroidery looks terrific, and it is still one of our country’s best-preserved traditions. But, if you have embroidery all over the dress, that’s when it ends up becoming a fashion mistake.
  3. Embroidery that doesn’t go with the color of the fabric- Who doesn’t love custom-designed Indian embroidery KurtisBut, before selecting the one, try to focus on the fabric color and the embroidery design so that they complement each other. If you are getting it done for the first time, research thoroughly and take the help of your designer to help you select the fabric color. 
  4. Wearing something that makes you feel uncomfortable- Has it ever happened to you that while going through online Kurti offersyou find something beautiful at a reasonable price? But, when it is delivered to you, you do not look good in it. Wearing something that makes you feel uncomfortable is never a good idea. Therefore, replace it as soon as possible.
  5. Wrong accessories- Accessories can enhance or spoil your entire look. For instance, jhumkas or Kundan jewelry looks fantastic with Anarkali Kurtis. But, you cannot wear jhumkas with a western-styled Kurti, can you? 
  6. What’s the occasion- What is the definition of work wear KurtisYou cannot consider bright multi-colored Kurtis with lots of embroidery work as a workwear Kurti, right? Going to the workplace by wearing an overly embroidered Kurti is one of the most disastrous fashion blunders.




It is okay even if someone has made some of the fashion blunders mentioned above in the past. We all learn from our mistakes, and style is more about how you carry yourself and less about what you wear. So, keep checking online Kurti offers and do not miss out on the best deals on embroidered Kurtis available and also to purchase the latest kurti design 2020 visit www.sinina.com 




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