Ethnic Wear Is the Most Sought-After And Beautiful Clothing Type For Women

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The term Ethnic Wear refers to the prolong history of clothing, that we Indians have came across through centuries and influence of various communities and culture. In India ethnic wear is a very difficult term to specify a certain type of dress. Well all the states of India have their own geographical and cultural differences, which has given birth to different kind of dresses as typical ethnic wear. Like in the state of Assam Mekhla is considered an ethnic wear for women. In states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh ethnic wear means sarees like Kanjivaram, Pochampally. In the states of Northern India Salwar-kameez is considered as ethnic wear besides sari. If you like to visit the state of Jammu and Kashmir, you will find Pheran is the ethnic dress of women and even men to beat the extreme weather there.

Each of all these dresses has its own history and beauty. In earlier days most of the people used dresses made of mostly cotton. Now in the twenty-first century, when globalization has entered in almost every aspect of our life, our dressing has also modified as per this. From lehenga, sarees women have moved on to Salwar kameez dress materials, kurtis with jeans or leggings .

Why ethnic dress is the most beautiful clothing type for women? and you should also know about the latest trending ethnic suits 2020 

It is a well known truth that, dressing and dress materials are not only part of our culture, but also an important way of showcasing the beauty of ourselves. The ethnic wears have evolved through long time. It is said that culture of a certain group evolves based on their lifestyle and the geographical conditions in which they live in. western dresses, as a matter of fact, is mostly based on countries which have different geographical conditions than us, even different weather conditions too.

So, it is true that based on geographical and climatic differences, the ethnic attire is far more proper than western attire. Now comes to the cultural and social view point. Regardless of all the cultural differences, Sari has been recognized as “the most valuable contribution of India to the World’s cultural heritage and diversity” by UNESCO. Who will not love a beautiful saree which is woven with silk threads, and has beautiful designs all over the body? It is the ultimate perfect dress for any woman. The ethnic wear like this definitely defines the beauty of a woman in a totally different and more gorgeous way.We at have a beautiful collection of salwar kameez , kurtas online  for every occasions . Visit sinina to have a amazing shopping experience. Buy embroidered kurtis online only at sinina


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