Five must have embroidery Kurti designs to include in your wardrobe

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Must have embroidery Kurti designs for Women

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We have carried forward these traditions for decades, and even in the 21st century, any Indian woman looks her best when she puts on traditional attire. The best artisans of the country work relentlessly so that authentic Indian costumes never go out of fashion. Today we will discuss the most exciting and elegant embroidery Kurti styles that you need to purchase during designer Kurti sale

 Indian culture is rich in various aspects such as food, clothing, and architecture. The diversified nature of Indian culture is seen in its creativity. You'll find different designer garments in different parts of the country. 


1. Kutchi Bharat- 

 These colorful embroidered Kurtis with geometric shapes are the pride of Gujarat's Kutch region. 

 These Kurtis are fashionable among women of all age groups for their versatility. You do not need to have a special occasion to wear it as it can be worn almost anywhere- be it work or a holiday celebration or a family gathering. 

 To transform your simple, boring Kurti into a Kutchi Bharat overnight, you can buy cheap Kurtis online and then sew Kutchi Bharat on the borders. These Kurtis are generally available in bright colors and are perfect for summer and spring. 


2. Chikankari- 

 Chikankari is an exclusive Kurti design that looks excellent on Indian skin tone. Originating from the cultural city of Lucknow, situated in the heart of Uttar Pradesh, the art of Chikankari is practiced widely here. Chikan work is usually done on beautiful silk fabric. Nur Jahan, the Mughal Emperor Jahangir's beloved wife, was the initiator of this embroidery. 

 Chikankari Cotton Kurtis (Kurti online sale is on now) is quite famous. If you want to look good in summer, you have to visit the official website of Sinina. Amazing Kurtis is available at an affordable price. 


3. Zardozi-

 Ostentatiously magnificent and abundant in nature, Zardosi is like a studded diamond in the Indian clothing's crown. The origin of Zardozi's work can be traced back from multiple places such as Lucknow, Mumbai, Bhopal, Ajmer, Agra, Hyderabad, Kashmir, Chennai, and Delhi. Indian monarchs and queens preferred Zardozi work on their attires that made this a royal wear.

 Original Zari work was created by melting metals like silver, copper and gold and making threads from those molten metals for decorating silk clothes. So, they were extremely expensive. But, nowadays you can buy cheap Kurtis online with beautiful Zari work having a plastic core from the inside and golden thread outside it. 

4. Kashmiri-

 Another exclusive Kurti design and one of the most popular embroidered Kurti types is the Kashmiri design. As the name has it, this design originates in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The skillful craftsmen of Kashmir efficiently use the satin stitch, the stem stitch, the herringbone stitch, the chain stitch and the slanted stitch to modify elegant patterns. 

 Available in pastel shades, Kashmiri Kurtis have a unique authentic, touch. As the weather of Kashmir is cool throughout the year, they make these embroideries on warm woolen fabrics. These are ideal for chilly winters. 


5. Kantha- 

 Kantha embroidered Sarees, Salwars and Kurtis belong to East Bengal and they are one of a kind. The best part about Kantha-stitch Kurtis is that they are prepared from reused materials and clothes. 

 They look elegant and beautiful. Visit the website of www.sinina.comCotton Kurtis (online sale kurti is on)So you'll get the best Kurtis at affordable prices.



 We have offered you a comprehensive list of excellent Kurtis that you can flaunt on all occasions. If you are a fan of Indian costumes, these were the five embroidery Kurti styles that you must have in your collection of Kurtis. So, are you ready to experiment with some of these Kurti designs during the next designer Kurti sale

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