Surprising Beauty Hacks For Women

beauty hacks

Surprising Beauty Hacks For Women

Women always love to be beautiful and try not to miss out any chance that will let them be beautiful. However, sometimes time really do not permit you to visit your beauty counselor. So, what do you plan? Just stay with blackheads on your nose for long or try some simple beauty hack at your home so that you can maintain your beauty even without visiting the salon?

Moreover, if you have beautiful skin then it does not matter that whether you wear kurtis or ethnic wear, the only thing that will matter in your beauty. Thus, for you here are certain surprising beauty hacks that will make you startled.

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Cucumber concoction can help you say good bye to dark bags

If you are tired with those dark bags under your eyes then try this simple yet effective beauty hack to get miraculous result. Take cucumber and potato juice in equal parts and mix it properly. Then apply the mixture to the dark areas under your eye and leave it for at least 15 minutes. Wash it off with cold water. Follow this for few days and you will see the change.

Blackheads are no more a problem

It’s true that if you make a face pack with the ingredients mentioned and apply it on your nose you will not find blackheads there anymore! All you need is two tablespoon of cornflower and two teaspoon of vinegar. Mix them together till it becomes a paste. Take the mask and rub it on your chin and nose for few seconds. Rinse it off with warm water.

Take a closer look, do you find blackheads


Dark underarms will become a history

In order to reduce the darkness of your underarm all you need is make a mixture with raw milk, gram flour and plain yoghurt. Mix them thoroughly and the spread the mixture on your skin. Let it sit there for 15 to 20 minutes and then wash it off. You will find that the darkness of your underarms is lightened. If you want to moisturize the area while lightening it, apply coconut oil there.

Cracked heels? Try this and you will be happy

Cracked heels are always a problem for everyone! However, do you have any idea that with banana you can actually get rid of those cracked and chapped heels?

Apply ripe banana to your cracked heels and leave it there for 15 minutes. After that rinse it off. The hard skin will soften and you can then you can use a pumice stone to clean the place.

Your spoon can help you get rid of puffy eyes

Puffy eyes can sometimes stop giving your eyes the look that you want them to be. Hence, to get reduce the puffiness here is a simple technique. Take a spoon and keep it inside the freezer overnight. It will become cold and frosty. After waking up the next morning press the cold spoon under your eyes. Do it for about 30 seconds and repeat the same process on the other eye. You can see the change.

Try these simple hacks and you can see the changes in your hair, skin and eyes. When its so simple to maintain your eternal beauty with things that you will find in your kitchen why not try them and maintain your beauty.


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