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Jeggings the trendiest outfit

 In case you missed it, it’s been recently declared Jeggings the new leggings, based on the trouser-legging hybrids that have been popping up with many fashionistas along with office wear kurti online and white cotton embroidered kurti . Given the immense popularity of leggings this year, it's not surprising that the trend would morph into spin-off trends, and Jeggings trump jeggings by a mile, in our opinion. Like leggings, you may have questions as to how exactly to style these slim stretchy pants. The good news is that they're much cooler to wear than straight-up leggings, as they naturally are made of a thicker material and look more like a pant-like cut (i.e., they're not at all skintight). But perhaps the best thing Jeggings have going for them is that they're just as relaxed and comfortable as leggings but even more stylish.


To present you to the wonderful world of Jeggings, the key to successfully pulling them off is combining the most balancing proportions. Since they are very slim, they're perfect paired with more oversize pieces. Jeggings are the latest of the ‘legging craze’ going on these days. They look like trousers with a shape and fit of leggings. Sleek and tailored, jeggings are great for work and give you lasting comfort throughout the day. They are also more versatile as compared to jeggings or leggings. While jeggings and leggings are casual, Jeggings can be styled to look casual as well as formal which is an added advantage.


The fact that they’re thicker as well as more structured than leggings is enough to know that everyone can feel relaxed and comfy in Jeggings along with buy womens cotton kurtas online - no matter what their body type or shape. For more such stylish and comfy Jeeggings, please visit


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